Workshop Proceeding

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster: Implications for U.S. and Global Disaster Reduction and Preparedness - Summary of the June 21, 2005 Workshop of the Disasters Roundtable (2006)

The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami resulted in one of the greatest "natural" disasters that the world has seen in modern times. The impact of the catastrophe was felt world wide, with scores of nationals from other countries, many drawn to the impacted areas by tourist attractions, among the dead and injured, and unprecedented government and non-government disaster relief and recovery efforts mounted from every corner of the globe. On June 21, 2005 The Disasters Roundtable convened a workshop to consider: (1) knowledge gained by researchers investigating various aspects of the disaster and its implications for implementing effective tsunami mitigation, detection, warning, and emergency response systems, (2) emerging U.S. initiatives and how they are expected to tie into regional and global efforts to reduce the impacts of such disasters, and (3) implications of the disaster for multi-hazard mitigation and preparedness at the national and international scale.