Study in Progress


Committe on Inorganic Arsenic (Phase 2) - Meeting 1 - 12/02/15

Statement of Task

An ad hoc committee will plan and conduct a public workshop to evaluate critical scientific issues in assessing cancer and noncancer effects from oral exposure to inorganic arsenic. Informed by the workshop, the committee will prepare an interim report providing recommendations on how those issues can be addressed in EPA's IRIS assessment. After EPA has revised the IRIS assessment, the committee will review it to determine whether the scientific literature on inorganic arsenic was adequately evaluated, whether appropriate methods were used to derive cancer risk estimates and noncancer reference values, and whether dose-response relationships between inorganic arsenic and cancer and noncancer effects were appropriately estimated and characterized. As requested by Congress, the committee will also determine whether the arsenic document reflects recommendations made in Chapter 7 of the 2011 NRC report on formaldehyde for improving descriptions of methods and criteria for selecting studies, approaches to evaluating critical studies, weight-of-evidence analyses, and justification of modeling approaches in IRIS assessments. The workshop will enable the committee to gather a variety of perspectives from stakeholders and others on the issues.